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Category: ECG/EEG Test

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  • ECG Test


    An ECG or an electrocardiogram test is a non-invasive and painless diagnostic procedure that helps in the detection of heart issues as well as monitoring the overall heart health.


    An ECG monitors the electrical activity of the heart as each heartbeat generates an electronic pulse that travels through the heart.


    The electrical pulse contracts the arterial muscles which in turn pump the blood from the heart. The test detects and identifies any abnormal electrical activity, indicative of a heart illness or the risk of one.


    The ECG checks for the electrical impulses made with each heartbeat which is displayed as ‘waves’ on the ECG machine. These impulses are categorised in three waves, namely:


    • First wave: The first wave is generated from the heart’s upper chambers and is known as the ‘P’ wave. This wave is followed by a flat line when the electrical impulse reaches the heart’s bottom chambers.


    • Second wave: The second wave is generated by the left and right bottom chambers with each electrical pulse. This wave is also known as the QRS Complex.


    • Third-wave: The third and final wave is known as the T wave, which indicates the ventricles going into a resting phase.


    The ECG test is the ideal diagnostics tool to determine optimal functioning of the heart by evaluating the time it takes for the electrical pulses to pass through the heart.


    This helps the doctor to determine whether the heart’s activity is normal, fast, slow or irregular.

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  • EEG Test


    An EEG test or electroencephalogram is a painless and non-invasive diagnostic test that is performed to evaluate the electrical activity of the brain.


    The brain functions on electrical impulses that control every movement, voluntary or involuntary, and are the key to an optimally functioning body. This test assesses the electrical activity in the brain to determine any potential problems.


    The EEG test is used to record the brain wave patterns which are displayed in a wave format, that allows the doctors to detect abnormal neural activities, indicative of seizures, epilepsy or other brain disorders.


    The EEG test results are either displayed on a screen or are recorded on paper.


    This test is also widely recommended as the initial diagnostic tool in case of Alzheimer’s, narcolepsy (chronic sleep disorder), and even to ascertain a variety of psychoses.

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